Dignio Connected Care

Accelerating the world's transition to connected care

  • Mydignio - the patient app

    Empowering users to take control over their own health

    Our patient application, MyDignio, empowers users to manage their health under virtual supervision from their caregiver. The application helps the user accomplish their personal health plan as provided by their caregiver, and in turn, improve health outcomes.

    • Dignio prevent - the clinician app

      Stay close to your patients

      Our clinician interface enables caregivers to stay close to the patients’ health situation. The solution is flexible to care settings and patient groups allowing for individualized care.

      • Dignio Care - the carer app

        Connected care in residential settings

        With Dignio Care, care teams can easily collaborate internally and with external clinical teams to provide quality care.

        • Integrated devices

          Vital signs monitoring

          Dignio Connected Care is today integrated with more than 20 devices (and counting) through standardised APIs. Results are automatically transmitted via Bluetooth to the connected tablet or smartphone, and then to our clinician app. First time pairing is also done in the clinician app - without the hassle of managing bluetooth connections.

          • Electronic medicine dispensers

            Medication made easy

            Dignio delivers several electronic medicine dispencers, because different patients have different needs. Patients get notified when it’s time to take their medicine - and if it’s not taken at the right time, healthcare personnel will get notified in our platform Dignio Prevent. This means a safer life with more freedom.

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