Hospitals and acute trusts

Our integrated care platform allows you to set up virtual wards to provide the specialist care away from the physical clinics and streamline the face to face care delivery. Virtual wards ensure safe and effective care, support between clinic appointments, improving healthcare outcomes and quality of life for the patients and staff alike.

Freeing up the NHS by reducing hospital bed-days and avoiding readmissions

Safe remote management and connected care enables early hospital discharge. Our virtual “Step-down” wards provide confidence to clinicians and patients that ongoing care of at-risk patients can be managed safely out of hospital. Health and social care can be provided by multidisciplinary teams, creating a more coordinated delivery of care to an individual.

Supporting proactive care to reduce unscheduled hospital admissions and reduce the burden on emergency services.

Proactive care of at-risk individuals can reduce hospital admissions and A&E attendances. Our virtual “Step-up” wards can support individuals across an unlimited number of clinical pathways, including chronic conditions such as COPD, acute conditions such as COVID-19 and high intensity users of emergency services. Individuals who would typically need admission can be safely monitored, with a combination of symptom reporting, vital signs monitoring and communication with professionals.

Optimise and improve the NHS Waiting List backlog, by virtual waiting lists

We aim to modernise the conventional approach to the NHS waiting list, supporting both primary and secondary care clinicians by creating proactive virtual waiting lists. Often clinicians have minimal knowledge of how a patient is progressing whilst awaiting a follow up appointment or procedure. Our virtual waiting lists can support clinical teams by ensuring that important clinical changes are detected earlier, ensuring that those patients are prioritised accordingly. A virtual waiting list can also highlight individuals who are improving and no longer require follow up, reducing non-attendances and in turn, freeing up appointments.

Improving the patient journey and supporting the NHS Green Net Zero Agenda

The days of travelling to a hospital, waiting in a parking lane and adding to an increasing carbon footprint should be a thing of the past, and Dignio can help support bringing the future to the present by enabling proactive virtual clinics. Patients can be supported in their home setting, having a wide range of symptoms, outcome measures, physical observations and consultation tools all wrapped in one seamless platform. Individuals who are declining in between clinics can be assessed at an earlier phase, whilst individuals who are progressing well can be managed in virtual, in a resource efficient manner. This ensures that clinicians only bring the patients that need face to face care to the hospital, whilst providing reassurance to patients that they are receiving a high standard of clinical care in between appointments.

Reduce health inequalities and fragmentation of healthcare

We can all help reduce health inequalities by thinking of patients not just as their condition, but as a complex system of health and wellbeing challenges. Many technology solutions contribute towards this health inequality, by focusing on condition specific pathways, resulting in patients needing multiple apps for multiple conditions, none of which talk to one another. Dignio provides one app for multiple conditions. Dignio is created to provide integrated care to a patient, offering a flexible platform that can support and grow with patients as their health and wellbeing needs change. Dignio is a futureproof, scalable solution which can travel with the patient, ensuring that all clinical teams can support the individual, regardless of the clinical condition they present with. This allows individuals with simple needs all the way to complex conditions of care receiving a high quality of care.

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