The remote care platform for integrated care:

Integrated Care Systems (ICS)

Since 2014, we have developed and delivered solutions to Integrated Care Systems in Norway, similar to what is now implemented in the NHS. The municipality of Oslo has deployed at scale to reduce costs by an average of 42% per end user per year in comparison to its former model of home visits by nurses.

In the UK we have been working with health and care organisations since 2019, including Mastercall Healthcare in Stockport, which has achieved millions of pounds in savings by reducing unnecessary hospital admissions and GP visits.

One-stop shop: quickly create flexible, cost effective remote monitoring for joined-up care pathways

Dignio is designed to support integrated care systems that want to advance the joined-up care agenda, reduce unnecessary hospital admissions and GP visits, and keep patients safe in their homes.

Using our scalable cloud-based remote care platform, you can rapidly create multidisciplinary care pathways that are adapted to the needs of providers and patients across your region. The clinical and technical experts in our customer success team are on hand to help you set up multidisciplinary pathways in as little as 15 minutes that are aligned with NHS guidelines and support virtual waiting lists, virtual wards, proactive care at thome, personalised medicine, and early intervention initiatives.

Dignio does not burden clinical professionals with masses of unfiltered information, which can contribute to burnout and unexpected, new costs. Instead, the Dignio Prevent dashboard can be used to set alert thresholds that are triggered by the information patients generate via the MyDignio app, or social care workers submit via Dignio Care.

Dignio is cost effective because it is not confined to a single condition or level of care, but can span the whole care journey from living well to the nursing home. Once the platform is set up, we do not charge for additional pathways or care organisations. If your ICS is a Dignio customer and is using our technology for one pathway, then you can use it to support almost any other pathway with an unlimited number of clinicians or other professionals supporting your patients.

Higher quality care with fewer resources: support early intervention, reduce hospital admissions

Dignio has a proven track-record in enabling integrated care systems to improve the quality of support they provide to patients while reducing costs through earlier intervention and a reduction in unnecessary hospital admissions and GP visits.

We have been working in Oslo since 2014 and have seen our system deployed at scale to more than 30,000 patients. An early study confirmed reductions in hospital admissions and emergency department attendances, as well as home visits by nurses. This led to an estimated 42% reduction in average costs per end user per year.

In the UK, a project funded by Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council has enabled out-of-hours care provider Mastercall Healthcare to reduce both hospital admissions and bed days, by picking up early signs of deterioration. Mastercall calculates that the project prevented 44% of admissions for nearly 900 patients and helped deliver £6 million of savings to the healthcare community.

The Mastercall intervention received 100% positive feedback from clinicians, residents and family members. When Dudley Clinical Commissioning Group asked us to support patients with Covid-19, 97% of patients said they would recommend the service to friends and family.

Designed for interoperability and connectivity

Dignio is cloud-based, highly scalable, and is designed to seamlessly deploy into the ecosystem of healthcare IT systems used by healthcare providers within an integrated care system and the digital devices that patients use in their homes. There is no change required to the local IT on set up or exit.

We apply international standards such as Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources, or FHIR, to make sure that the Dignio platform is interoperable and data can be collected, exchanged, and used safely. We have integration with the EMIS GP suite and other patient record systems. Our own in-house technical team is experienced with integrations in Norway, UK and China.

The MyDignio app can also be used to transmit data from Bluetooth enabled devices, including for example, blood pressure, heart rate, and blood glucose monitors, pulse oximeters, temperature taking devices, and scales. We have 15+ integrated devices, enabling safe remote care for your patients. All the elements of our platform are designed for ease of use: for example, the MyDignio app can be set up to collect and transmit information at the touch of a button.

CE marked, DTAC assessed, and ready to deploy

Dignio is committed to quality, information security, and meeting the standards that NHS commissioners, professionals and users rightly expect. We are CE marked as a medical device and certified against the ISO 13485 standard that supports medical device manufacturers in designing quality management systems.

We are also compliant with the ISO 27001 standard that helps organisations to set up and continually improve an information security management system. And we have passed the NHS Data Technology Assessment Criteria or DTAC. Our DPST is published and we have undergone ORCHA assessment too.

Dignio are an approved Crown Commercial Services supplier on Spark DPS, Health and Social Care Apps, and HSSF frameworks.

Dignio is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office and have a UK based Clinical Safety Officer.

This has been designed to give commissioners, providers, patients and citizens confidence in digital health tools and is used to assess suppliers at the point of procurement as part of a due diligence process. If you want to work with a supplier that is ready to deploy when you are, you should be confident that Dignio will be able to meet your requirements.

Aligned with net zero: advancing the green agenda

The NHS has outlined an ambition to become the first net zero healthcare system in the world. Dignio can help integrated care systems and their constituent providers to meet the targets that are being set to deliver on this ambition by 2040.

Dignio’s platform is cloud-based and aligned with the UK government’s strategy for public services to move to the cloud, in order to take advantage of investment in greener computing and to remove redundant capacity from on-premises data centres.

In addition, in July 2021, we were selected as one of three companies to take part in an inaugural green accelerator programme that is being run by the Yorkshire and Humber Academic Health Science Network, to further improve the environmental sustainability of our products. On the ground, Dignio has a proven record of reducing admissions to hospital and the need for home visits, reducing the environmental load that travel poses.