Integrated Care for Care Homes:

Care Homes

With Dignio Care, care teams can easily collaborate internally and with external clinical teams to provide quality care. Dignio Connected Care for Care Homes supports vital sign measurements, soft sign reporting, automatic triaging, digital care plans, communication and more.

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Created in response to feedback from frontline staff in care homes, Dignio Care offers step by step support to care professionals to deliver high quality care to their residents. Dignio Care is designed to support recommended practice, local guidelines and SOPs, and ultimately to help keep care safe and consistent between individual carers.

Empowering care workers

With Dignio Care, patient plans, patient history, decision support and remote clinical teams are at arm’s length. At Mastercall, one of our largest clients to date, care home staff reported that they feel a sense of empowerment to be part of improving the quality of care for residents, while upskilling themselves through digital care provision.

Simple to use

Dignio Care is simple to use, and requires minimal training due to the intuitive nature of the user interface. Taking a vital sign measurement with one of Dignio's integrated devices is done in a few clicks, with automatic data transfer that flags any signs of deterioration based on the resident’s pre-defined thresholds.

  • Improved quality of care and outcomes

    Dignio enables early detection of deterioration signs which in turn reduces avoidable doctor visits and hospital admissions. Moreover, this also reduces the overall burden and stress for both patients and clinical staff.

  • Improved transparency on patient history

    Dignio allows everyone to see exactly what has been communicated between care workers and clinicians, making it very easy for staff who are completing handovers to see the history of any resident on the solution.

  • Efficient deployment of scarce clinical resources

    Dignio Care facilitates “virtual ward rounds” where care home staff and remote clinical teams collaborate in providing high quality care. Through the platform, the remote team observes the same data as the care worker, and provides real time decision support. In turn this empowers the care home staff, while efficiently utilizing clinical resources where they are needed the most.

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