About us

Make healthcare less dependent of time and place

Why we exist

Dignio was established in 2012 with the clear ambition to have an impact on healthcare systems and the lives of patients at a global scale. We did not start out with the technology as a starting point, but with the problem we wanted to solve. Healthcare systems all over the world are strained and with an aging population, the need for new solutions to make healthcare more sustainable is inevitable. Our dream is that we can have a positive impact on all the key stakeholders in the health value chain - the patients and their families, the healthcare personnel, the healthcare organizations and the budget holders. We can’t solve all the challenges our healthcare systems face, but we want to be part of the solution.

At Dignio we are working hard towards this every day. The feedback we get from our users is what keeps us energized and motivated to keep moving forward. Pushing the change we believe is needed. We are there to help people that are vulnerable, giving them the tools to self manage and stay connected to their health care providers.

Our mission statement

To help guide our efforts, Dignio has defined its mission with 5 bullet points:

  • Make healthcare less dependent on time and place
  • Give patients increased freedom and knowledge about their own health situation
  • Improve patient compliance and outcomes
  • Enable health care providers to help more patients with better quality
  • Make healthcare smarter and more sustainable

Our values

Besides our vision and mission, Dignio is committed to building a great place to work built on a strong foundation. This foundation is build on our 4 core values


We believe in people. We are kind to each other, we listen and we help where we can. Everything we do is sprung out of the desire to change peoples lives for the better. For us, empathic also means engaging with our users, so that we can build a solution that can improve their lives. To do so, we approach all with the same mindset: you are the owner of your life and your story. And we will always try our best to understand the person's needs, challenges and hopes.

Knowledge Based

Being an interdisciplinary company, we know that the strongest solutions are rooted in knowledge. Knowledge is constantly changing, and we are always on the search for the latest, applying it to product development, capacity building, clinical decisions and new recruitments. For us, the road to quality is built by knowledge.


Nobody ever changed the world by sitting still. We are on a mission to disrupt the way we do healthcare. On our way towards radical changes, we need to be brave and persistent. We have to be forward thinking and endure rejections. We challenge ourselves, we approach new markets and we set high demands for our solutions. Dream big. Being dedicated means being the very best at our game. All the time.


We all have a deep rooted belief in what we are doing. For us, genuine means having integrity and a value based motivation. It's all about the patients - even if it means picking battles or dropping opportunities. We are trustworthy. And we prove it by being honest, keeping our word, and strive for transparency and openness.