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Make communication less dependent on time and place

With the Dignio RPM and virtual care solution this new dimension allows more interaction than a phone call without the hassles of driving to patient homes. Stay connected with face to face virtual visits and interact with the streamlined chat feature. Reassure patients your agency is just a few clicks away.

Improve efficiency

The Dignio solution improves efficiency and allows resources to be prioritized to those patients who need it most. Multidisciplinary teams can easily track patient progress, communicate with team members, and update the care plan in an easy to use platform.

Identify decompensating patients quickly

Be the first link in a chain of events to get the patient timely, life saving care.

Increase revenue

Increase revenue either through direct Medicare Part B CPT billing or contract with affiliated physicians where your agency provides RPM as a service.

  • The Dignio Solution can provide support for remote patient monitoring and remote therapeutic monitoring CPT billing/data capture.