Capitated Home Care

Reduce hospital admissions and bed days of high risk patients

Close monitoring of vitals and symptoms combined with automatic triaging allows for early detection of deterioration. We have proven significant reduction in hospital admissions and shorter hospital stays for a broad range of patient groups receiving home care services.
User Friendly

Keep Your Patients in their Homes Longer

With an improved sense of safety and better health outcomes, patients can stay longer in their own homes. We believe in supporting people to age in place – better for the patient and better for health care organizations.

Empower Patient to Self Manage

We provide tools to educate and empower patients to take a more active role in their own health. Patients feel they have more control over their own condition and can do prescribed self care actions when deterioration is discovered.

Proven Significant Cost Reductions

Home care organizations have been able to reduce unnecessary home visits significantly, streamlined work processes and keeping their patients out of expensive hospitals. No upfront investments are required to start with the system.

Improved Patient Engagement

Empower patients to live healthier, better lives by assigning wellness tasks, goal setting and providing best practice education so patient health literacy improves. Combine this with best of breed user friendliness and you get the market leading platform on creating patient engagement.

Improve Efficiency

The Dignio solution improves efficiency and allows resources to be prioritized to those patients who need it most. Multidisciplinary teams can easily track patient progress, communicate with team members, and update the care plan in an easy to use platform.