Be more involved in your patient’s care

As a pharmacy you already have lots of facetime with your patients. Be a more entrenched member of the patient care team by allying with your physician partners to identify the early decompensation of patients and start the pathway to getting them timely care.

Significant increase in revenue per patient

Our technology helps you provide better care for your patients leveraging the CPT codes for Remote Patient Monitoring and Chronic Care Management. As a pharmacy you will identify who would benefit the most from this program, and provide the monitoring service.

No upfront payments or commitments

All billing is flexible based on usage making it risk free for you start using our solution, and you anytime scale up or down your usage without any lock-up period.

Fully integrated service across your core systems

We offer a fully integrated offering, being connected to your medication data and EMR systems.

Risk-free scaling of the service

We offer a specialized remote care service that will help you scale quickly without adding costs to your organization – high quality, low risk.