Stockport City Council - Improved care in the community and in care homes

Stockport City Council funded project enables Mastercall Healthcare and Dignio to support patients in care homes and community settings - reducing hospital admissions

Published: 06. July 2020

Stockport City Council funded project enables Mastercall Healthcare and Dignio to support patients in care homes and community settings - reducing hospital admissions.

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Elderly, frail individuals with multiple, long-term conditions are more likely to be admitted to hospital, particularly during the winter. Unplanned hospital admissions can lead to increased frailty and care dependency. Improving the ability of care homes and domiciliary care providers to identify and manage at-risk individuals to prevent hospital admission is therefore a priority.

In a project funded by Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council, Mastercall Healthcare, an out of hours care provider to the NHS, worked with Dignio to deliver a connected care platform to Stockport.

Our care solution was used in patients’ homes and in residential care homes. The project has been able to show a reduction in hospital admissions and bed days. This is largely due to the early identification of signs of deterioration. In addition, conditions that would previously have required admission are now being managed in the community.

The service covers care home residents and individuals requiring domiciliary care, who have long-term conditions requiring regular follow up. Long-term conditions include COPD, heart failure, coronary heart disease.

The service also covers hospital at home patients who would otherwise have required admission, for example frail elderly with urinary tract infections, dehydration and electrolyte imbalance or recent falls, as well as step-down patients discharged early from hospital.

It’s been really valuable for somebody in my position, who had never had COVID and was unaware of the impacts that it could have had. Having that platform there to reassure you is a big thing.”

COVID-19patient, Alan Howarth

More than 400 patients with or at risk of COVID-19 or with long-COVID have been followed up using the solution. There are plans to expand the service to include cancer patients, surgical patients post-discharge, and individuals with mental health issues.

Patients use the MyDignio app to document their symptoms and to submit measurements carried out using medical devices at home to a call centre. This is done in accordance with national and local guidelines. Mastercall staff use the clinician platform, DignioPrevent, to detect changes in symptoms, respond, and escalate care remotely.

“It’s all about the empowerment of patients, who like the fact that they aren’t totally reliant on health professionals. They can monitor their own condition, which in itself empowers them even more”

– Michaela Buck, chief executive of Mastercall

Using our remote care solutions, Mastercall has been able to detect deterioration appropriately amongst patients in care homes and community settings. By using remote management, Mastercall has reduced urgent call out visits, ambulance call outs and hospital admissions. High levels of satisfaction are reported by clinical staff, care workers, patient users, and their families.

Mastercall estimates that the project has contributed to £6 million of savings to the health community, mostly by reducing unnecessary hospital admissions. Between January 2020 and April 2021, admissions were reduced by 44% for the 888 patients on the programme. In one case, a care home that would have expected 40-60 admissions from its 12 residents had just two admissions.