Dudley – Covid-19 oximetry at home

NHS Dudley Clinical Commissioning Group commissioned the use of MyDignio to monitor COVID-19 patients at home for signs of deterioration. The app was offered to patients with mild to moderate symptoms that could safely be managed in the community. Following a consultation with a health professional, patients were asked to download the MyDignio app on their own smartphone, and were trained in the clinic to use the monitoring equipment and the app, before self isolating at home.

Published: 05. October 2020

Population: Patients with COVID, assessed face to face and deemed well enough to be followed up at home.

Intervention: Patients used the MyDignio app and bluetooth integrated thermometers and pulse oximeters to fill out a COVID-19 symptom questionnaire and submit temperature and oxygen saturation measurements. The provider commissioned by the CCG for COVID-19 telehealth management used Dignio Prevent to follow up patients remotely and to stratify patients according to their clinical need, allowing for more targeted use of resources.

Comparator: A once-daily phone call was made by the same provider to all COVID-19 patients on the list, regardless of their condition. Providers had no means of detecting deterioration between phone calls.

Outcome: Preliminary results from an independent evaluation by West Midlands Academic Health Science Network (WMAHS) are positive. To date, all users reported that the apps and blue-tooth enabled devices were easy to use and provided reassurance. Over 96% of users would recommend the solution to friends and family.

This project was used for the BBC Midlands feature on oximetry at home for COVID-19 patients.

Watch a clip about this project from BBC Midlands here.