Customer Success

We have invested in a multi-disciplinary team with technical, business and medical expertise, and we use this to our full advantage to ensure that our customers succeed.

We walk together with you

Dignio prides itself on being a collaborative partner, and not just a technology provider. We understand that true success requires a hands-on approach if meaningful and lasting digital transformation is to take place. We have invested in a multi-disciplinary team that includes individuals with technical, business and medical expertise, and we use this to our full advantage to ensure that our customers achieve success the first time around.

What to expect

Having deployed with more than 200 customers, we have unique experience to support your organization achieve the desired impact. Working with Dignio, you will get that access to the customer success team that will offer you:

  • Highly experienced project and solution managers that are successfully delivering our solution with clients right now.
  • Sharing of our methodology of years of experience of deploying the solution across multiple territories and care pathways.
  • Support in the development of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s).
  • Governance support with Data Protection Impact Assessments and data flows to minimise the burden on your admin teams.
  • Quality Assurance as standard - we provide an optional early stage monitoring service to ensure that the solution is being used as intended. This allows us to quickly spot any gaps in training, or offer advice on how to adjust a pathway to improve and maximise efficiencies.

Reach out to learn more

We welcome you to view the results of independent evaluations and reach out to existing clients to hear their experience of how easy it is to deploy our solution, and find out how much patients love being part of remote care services.

  • About us

    Make healthcare less dependent of time and place

  • Connected Care

    Dignio Connected Care is a three sided platform comprising our patient application, MyDignio, our web-based patient monitoring portal, Dignio Prevent, and our working tool for caregivers “on the go”, Dignio Care. Used in combination with our methodology for connected care, our platform brings healthcare home and empower patients all over the world to live healthier and better lives.

  • Dignio's Information Security

    We are committed to complying with all applicable data protection regulations and state of the art security standards.

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