MyDignio – The patient app

Empowering users to take control of their own health

Our patient application, MyDignio, empowers users to manage their health under virtual supervision from their caregiver. The application helps the user accomplish their personal health plan as provided by their caregiver, and in turn, improve health outcomes.

  • User friendly

    Used by people of all ages, health condition and technical skills

    Our patient app is used by people of all ages, health condition and technical skills. In one of our research projects, 96% of users indicated that they would recommend the solution to friends and family. Moreover, our patient app has received top scores from NHS’ Apps reviewer, ORCHA, in areas such as usability and accessibility (score: 81%).

    user friendly
    • Personal and personalised

      Tailored to the individual in a scalable way

      All content displayed to the patient can be personalised to match their health situation. Integrated design for self management plans, measurement history and information page to support the educational journey of patients.

      • Flexible

        One app - many conditions

        Our solution is flexible to needs and conditions, so that users and providers only need one app to manage several conditions.

        Core features

        • Automatic reminders

          Automatic and easy to configure reminders such as push notifications, SMS and / or email.

        • Personalized task list

          Overview of today’s assignments provided by the caregiver - clearly marked with which tasks that are done and which are not.

        • Secure video and chat

          Encrypted video and chat with patients, team members and care home staff.

        • Vital sign monitoring

          Measurement of vital signs and other parameters using integrated devices or manual entry - with no bluetooth pairing required.

        • Measurement history

          Intuitive presentation of own measurement history with health trends over time.

        • Self management plans

          Flexible and individualized care plan configuration in easy-to-understand format.

        • Information page

          Easy sharing of important information, educational resources (e.g. physical therapy) and more.

        • Secure file transmission

          Send photos via the chat to give more context to clinicians.

        • Independence

          Improves knowledge about own condition

          Our solution promotes health literacy and self-management via transparent solutions providing users with access to their own data and management plans - with 73% of users reporting that connected care has helped them understand their condition better.

          • Reassurance and safety

            93% experience better care

            Our users report that they feel reassured and supported via remote care, which in turn increases independence and to enable users to remain at home - in a recent case study, 93% of patients reported that they had experienced better care remotely, and 90% felt more in control of their health and more reassured.

            • Compliance

              Boosting motivation and compliance to plans

              Automatic reminders help our users stay compliant to their health plans - can also be forwarded to family and carers.

              • Accessibility

                Accessible for all

                We comply with WCAG 2.0 standards allowing all users, including those with impairments, to experience the benefits of remote care. We also have a special solution with iPad supporting very high accessibility needs.


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                • Dignio's Information Security

                  We are committed to complying with all applicable data protection regulations and state of the art security standards.

                • Privacy in Dignio

                  Proper protection of the personal data and health data that we process on behalf of our customers is one of our top priorities.

                • Medical Device Regulatory

                  The Dignio Connected Care software platform is CE certified as a medical device in the EU/EEA, pursuant to the Medical Devices Regulation (MDR).

                • Technology

                  We deliver a generic, novel and highly flexible platform with a wide range of applications, based on open architecture and standard protocols.