Dignio Care - The carer app

Enabling care teams to better manage residents

  • Enablement

    Empowering care workers

    With Dignio Care, patient plans and history, decision support and remote clinical teams are at arm’s length. At Mastercall, one of our largest clients to date, care home staff reported that they feel a sense of empowerment to be part of improving the quality of care for residents, while upskilling themselves through digital care provision.

    • adaptive workflows

      Designed for residential workflows

      Dignio allows everyone to see exactly what has been communicated between care workers and clinicians, making it very easy for staff who are completing handovers to see the history of any resident on the solution.

      • build by industry workers

        Tailored for care homes

        Developed specifically to amplify care workers in residential settings to reap the benefits of connected care.

        • overview

          Efficient deployment of resources

          Dignio Care facilitates “virtual ward rounds” where care home staff and remote clinical teams collaborate in providing high quality care. Through the platform, the remote team observes the same data as the care worker, and provides real time decision support. In turn this empowers the care home staff, while efficiently utilizing clinical resources where they are needed the most.

          Core features

          • Patient overview

            Structured and simple overview of all patients with quick access to important information, recent notes and today’s tasks.

          • Individual patient information

            Easy overview on individual level of important information, recent notes and measurements history, as well as today’s tasks and care plan.

          • Secure video and chat

            Encrypted video and chat with patients, team members and care home staff.

          • Vital sign monitoring

            Measurement of vital signs and other parameters using integrated devices or manual entry - with no bluetooth pairing required.

          • NEWS2 assessment

            National Early Warning Score (NEWS2) trigger scoring system to measure acute deterioration.

          • Soft signs monitoring

            Soft sign monitoring performed through questionnaires answered by caregiver to detect early symptoms of deterioration.

          • Automatic triage

            Live triaging for deciding appropriate care based on individualized patient parameter thresholds with “stop light”-logic.

          • File sharing

            Easy file sharing via chat, such as photos to give more context to care teams.

          • Onboarding

            Simple to use and fast adoption

            Dignio Care is simple to use, and requires minimal training due to the intuitive nature of the user interface. Taking a vital sign measurement with one of Dignio's integrated devices is done in a few clicks, with automatic data transfer that flags any signs of deterioration based on the resident’s pre-defined thresholds.

            • notification handling

              Support residents with complex needs

              Overview of today’s assignments provided by the caregiver - clearly marked with which tasks that are done and which are not. Flexible and individualized care plans configured by the clinical staff and made available in easy-to-understand format.

              • Discharge

                Secure end of life planning

                Dignio Care facilitates secure and accessible end of life planning. Plans are made available and transparent to the relevant care home staff to ensure sound decisions minimizing the opportunity for errors and misunderstandings.

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                • Integrated devices

                  Dignio is hardware agnostic, and have integrated more than 20+ medical devices from high-quality vendors.

                • Customer Success

                  We have invested in a multi-disciplinary team with technical, business and medical expertise, and we use this to our full advantage to ensure that our customers succeed.

                • Technology

                  We deliver a generic, novel and highly flexible platform with a wide range of applications, based on open architecture and standard protocols.

                • Procurement frameworks

                  Dignio is on a number of Procurement Frameworks in the UK, including the Health Systems Support Framework (HSSF), Crown Commercial Services Spark Digital Procurement Services (DPS) and The Health & Social Care Apps Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS).