Dignio Prevent – The clinician interface

Enabling care teams to stay close to the patients’ health situation

  • Focus

    Target care to users with greatest needs

    Our clinician interface enables efficient management of large patient populations. Based on personalised, predefined thresholds, the system filters incoming data based on criticality, allowing you to focus on the patients that need attention.

    • Decision support

      Make informed choices for care pathways

      See trends and get decision support with access to patient history including measurements, questionnaires, notes and chat. Be better informed to make decisions on appropriate care.

      • Save time

        More care with fewer visits

        Our solution makes it easy to communicate with your patients, without time consuming scheduling and routine visits. Use the chat for asynchronous communication in less urgent situations. Send files or links, or even ask the patient to take a photo to give you more information.

        Core features

        • Automatic triage

          Live triaging for deciding appropriate care based on individualized patient parameter thresholds with “stop light”-logic.

        • Data visualisation

          Presentation of patient data for efficient identification of health trends.

        • Equipment management

          Overview and management of all equipment with the built in solution for all hardware used as part of the service.

        • Pathway builder

          Setting up and adjusting a pathway can be done using templates or customized within minutes.

        • Mass updates

          Efficiently manage large populations with mass updates for messages, care plans, tasks and more.

        • Self management plans

          Flexible and individualized care plan configuration in easy-to-understand format.

        • Secure video and chat

          Encrypted video and chat with patients, team members and care home staff.

        • Templates

          Faster and standardized workflows with template tools.

        • Efficient

          Build relevant, individualised plans

          Design care plans, individual or templated, for your patients within minutes. If the patient's condition changes, you can update the care plan and it will instantly be updated at the patient’s app.

          • Empowerment

            Let patients take a bigger role in their own care

            With our integrated care plan module, clinicians can establish care plans following the Green-Amber-Red methodology within minutes. This allows patients to take a bigger role in their own care.

            • Collaborate

              Facilitate multidisciplinary teams

              See chats, your colleague’s notes, be 4 people in a video chat, and discuss the same data. With a smart architecture, we allow multidisciplinary team work while maintaining strict privacy requirements.

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              • Technology

                We deliver a generic, novel and highly flexible platform with a wide range of applications, based on open architecture and standard protocols.

              • Dignio's Information Security

                We are committed to complying with all applicable data protection regulations and state of the art security standards.

              • Privacy in Dignio

                Proper protection of the personal data and health data that we process on behalf of our customers is one of our top priorities.

              • Medical Device Regulatory

                The Dignio Connected Care software platform is CE certified as a medical device in the EU/EEA, pursuant to the Medical Devices Regulation (MDR).