Case Studies

The Dignio Connected Care platform can adapt multiple use cases and clinical needs

Dignio acquires Canadian AceAge Inc. and strengthens its position in a growing market

Dignio has completed the acquisition of AceAge, a leading manufacturer of medication dispensers, hence becoming fully integrated within electronic medication support and remote care. Through the acquisition, Dignio will strengthen its position as an innovator within health technology and deliver new and better solutions to its customers.

Pioneering digital transformation of outpatient care

Oslo University Hospital and University Hospital of North Norway are pioneering digital transformation of outpatient care. - Both patients and healthcare personnel wonder why this has taken so long

Living longer at home with complex conditions

Meet Tor Magne, a 66-year old rocker and Arsenal fan. He has multiple chronic conditions and is largely confined to a wheelchair. Learn more about how he went from having 12 hospital admissions in a year to having only 1 the past 18 months.

Preventive Care

Lorentz has been followed up with remote care since November 2019. He is a 76 year old retired general practitioner who lives at home with his wife. Learn more about how remote care has impacted him and his wife.

How different patient groups benefit from remote care

Remote care can be used to manage a wide range of diagnoses across multiple clinical settings, often empowering patients and producing tangible health benefits.

5 reasons why remote care will revolutionise healthcare

Big challenges face our healthcare system, and change is needed. Here are five reasons why remote care should be part of the solution.