Through various projects and commissions, we have developed our platform and our clinical methodology. Dignio Connected Care has been adapted for use in home care and hospitals as well as in research and clinical trials in both the public and private health sector. The results speak for themselves.

  • Consultations

    The number of outpatient consultations per month decreased by 34%.

  • Hospital admissions

    The number of hospital admissions was on average reduced by 18.6%.

  • Bed days

    The number of bed-days in the hospital was reduced by 33%.

  • Home nursing visits

    The number of visits from the home nursing service was reduced by 34%.

Oslo municipality: Welfare technology project (VIS)
The district of St. Hanshaugen in the municipality of Oslo was our very first client. In 2014, the district, together with the districts Gamle Oslo, Sagene and Grünerløkka, received state funds to try out welfare technology solutions through the project called Velferdsteknologi i Sentrum (VIS). The report from the independent follow-up research shows remarkable results.
Sarpsborg municipality: Mestry
During the period 2016-2018, the Norwegian national program for welfare technology has tested connected care services in Oslo, Sarpsborg, Trondheim and Stavanger. Dignio delivered solutions to Oslo and Sarpsborg. In the municipality of Sarpsborg and the project “Mestry”, the call center service was outsourced to Dignio. This gave a particularly high user satisfaction according to the independent research report:
“The users in Mestry have responded very positively to the new service. Within the safety goals, self-management and lifestyle habits, the selection in Mestry has the highest score, compared to the other sub-projects.”
Østfold Hospital, Kalnes: The Cancer Clinic
During 2015-2017 the hospital carried out an innovation project examining remote monitoring of cancer patients as a preventive health service with Dignio as a partner. Patients were allowed to take blood samples to test the white blood cell counts at home and report on side-effects from their treatment with the help of MyDignio.
The project was recognized in the government’s cancer strategy for the period 2018-2022. The patient group was small, but the results convincing. Gaining insight into their own state of health made them safer and better equipped to make good, preventative choices in everyday life.
Birmingham, England: PROmics, Personalized Medicine Research
Dignio is a contributor to a comprehensive British research on cell and gene therapy, in collaboration with Birmingham University with the Center for Patient Reporting Outcome, Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, the Medicines Agency (MHRA) and four Advanced Treatment and Therapy Center (ATTC).
Gene therapy has tremendous potential for treating patients with disorders that cannot be cured with the available current methods. The project’s goal is to develop a new infrastructure to capture patients’ symptoms and overall quality of life when they now receive this new, experimental form of treatment.
Shanghai, China: St. Mount Hospital
Our solution is in operation at the private outpatient clinic, St. Mount Hospital, which opened in Shanghai in January 2019. The local health personnel has been educated by Norwegian clinicians and received certification in using our clinical methodology for Dignio Connected Care.
Beijing, China: YiFang Health Valley
The Chinese conglomerate and real estate developer, YiFang, has been commissioned to build a brand new district in Beijing with its own “HealthValley” dedicated to health care. Dignio has partnered with YiFang, and will be the supplier of the technological solution and methodology for connective care in this innovative field of health.