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    From its very conception Dignio have have been able to develop our platform together with leading health care institutions. Our focus is always on improving patient outcomes while also making the health care service more sustainable. We are proud of the results achieved thus far, and continue supporting care providers in utilising the benefits of connected care. Let our stories inspire you.


Through various projects and commissions, we have developed our platform and our clinical methodology. Dignio Connected Care has been adapted for use in home care and hospitals as well as in research and clinical trials in both the public and private health sector. The results speak for themselves.



Fewer visits from the nursing service


Feel better control over own health


Fewer bed-days at the hospital

Health Care Providers


Cost reduction per patient per month


Fewer doctors appointments


Fewer hospitalizations

Some of our customers and partners

Some of our ongoing projects

Stockport, England: Mastercall

Together with Mastercall, an out of hours care  provider to the NHS, we are delivering a connected care platform to patients in Stockport. Funded by the Stockport City Council the project will ascertain gains in terms of hospital admission reduction, reduce emergency admissions, prevention of deterioration. Our care solution is used in residential care homes, and at patient’s own home settings, covering primarily patients with COPD and cardiac diseases.

Oslo municipality, Norway: Connected Care

Since 2014, Dignio has been working in close collaboration with Oslo to develop connected care services. Through a series of projects orchestrated by the Norwegian Directorate of Health, effective technology and methodology have been developed to improve lives of patients with COPD, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. More recent years, Oslo has included patients with mental illnesses and preventive care in their services. Independent research demonstrated significant improved patient outcomes and higher care service efficiency.

In 2019, Oslo extended the contract with Dignio and now monitoring services related to sleep, activity and NEWS2 monitoring are also included.

Østfold Hospital, Kalnes: The Cancer Clinic

During 2015-2017 the Hospital carried out an innovation project trialling remote monitoring of cancer patients as a preventive health service with Dignio as a Partner. Patients were able to take blood samples to test the white blood cell counts at home (using a medical device integrated into DignioPrevent), and report on side-effects from their treatment via MyDignio companion app. 

The project produced convincing results and the project was recognized in the government’s cancer strategy for the period 2018-2022. Enabling the patients to gain insight into their own state of health made them safer and better equipped to make good, preventative choices in everyday life.

Dudley CCG, Covid-19 monitoring

MyDignio has been commissioned by NHS Dudley Clinical Commissioning Group and are used to monitor patients who have the virus at home – and follow up those whose clinical condition could deteriorate.

The app will be offered to patients with mild to moderate symptoms of coronavirus that can be managed in the community. Following a consultation with a health professional, patients will download the MyDignio app on their own smartphone, and will be trained in the clinic on how to use the monitoring equipment and the app, before self isolating at home.

Subject to a successful implementation and evaluation, MyDignio could be used more widely for Covid monitoring across the West Midlands or even nationally, and post Covid could even be used to monitor other long term conditions, such as diabetes, asthma and high blood pressure as well as the general health of all Care Home residents.

Read more about the project here.

Birmingham, England: PROmics, Personalized Medicine Research

Dignio is a Partner in an Innovate UK funded project PROmics, aiming to develop a robust electronic patient reported outcomes (e-pro) tool for trials in Advanced Treatment Therapies. The project is supported by the Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult, and the ATTC Network.

Cell and Gene Therapies are a growing market, and the UK is an increasingly popular destination for trials in this domain for large pharma companies. Dignio are part of the industry standard setting group facilitated by the Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult and ATTC Network. We are currently the only remote patient monitoring brand included in this gathering.

Read more about the project here.

Reserach: Huadong Hospital and Center for Connected Care (C3) at Oslo University Hospital

In 2020, Dignio will be part of a bilateral research program between China and Norway. Together with the Huadong Hospital in Shanghai and Center for Connected Care (C3) in Norway, Dignio will explore digital technologies for the post-operative remote care and rehabilitation of thoracic and cardiac surgery patients. The aim is to understand impact on quality of rehabilitation and cost of care.

The project is sponsored by The Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology and The Research Council of Norway.  

Larvik municipality, Norway: Self Treatment Plan

Larvik and Dignio have been working together (2018-2021) to develop new tools for self care and improve collaboration between hospitals and primary care. COPD patients are the first to be included, with inclusion of mental health patients at a later stage. The project is sponsored by the Norwegian Directorate of Health as part of their national program to understand the  best practice in connected care.

Research, England: DoMore Study

The NIHR funded DoMore study aims to develop a digital intervention to help young people with long-term disabilities, who are unable to walk, spend less time being sedentary. The intervention will be co-designed, by working in partnership with young people, their families, professionals and experts. 

Dignio solution will be used to monitor and record the levels of activity in the participants. If the new intervention is effective, it will be commercialised and sold across the NHS providers.

  • "I haven't been admitted a single time his year. Before, the hospital was my first, and my second home."
    Patient with COPD
    From the VIS-report