The Dignio ecosystem is comprised of three equally important products: our software, Dignio Prevent, the patient app MyDignio and our unique methodology teamed with connected devices for medication and measurements. The patient-centric platform allows for a holistic and preventative approach to health care.

  • Dignio prevent

    Our software for health care professionals is developed in collaboration with clinicians. The software integrates a wide variety of devices that supports home-based care and treatment, such as medical measurements, questionnaires, medication and rehabilitation.
    With a comprehensive functionality, health care practitioners are given an innovative tool to follow up a larger number of patients who self-monitor their own health condition. The software also offers systems for device management, logistics, reporting, etc. 
    The software has standardised APIs making it possible to integrate with other systems and devices. All communication through the software is encrypted and in compliance with current legislation.

  • MyDignio

    The user-friendly patient app, MyDignio, is intuitive for all levels of digital maturity. It is used in combination with relevant measuring devices, which automatically transmit the results via Bluetooth to the patient’s tablet or smartphone.
    Results are immediately visible to the patient in MyDignio where she can also respond to clinical questions and report on symptoms and side effects. The results are simultaneously transferred to Dignio Prevent so that health personnel can provide individual follow-up.
    Through MyDignio patients have access to their own data and a direct line of written communication (encrypted) with healthcare professionals. The system is mobile and cloud-based giving the patients a large degree of independence in their everyday life.

  • Methodology

    Technology works most efficiently when the user has a clear understanding of all functions and mechanisms. Dignio’s solution is designed to be intuitive; nevertheless thorough training provides a better user experience and sense of security for both health personnel and the patients.
    It is our firm belief that simple measuring or standardised questionnaires alone are insufficient in making lifelong changes with the goal of seeing larger preventative effects. The best results are achieved when we involve patients and give them control over and responsibility for their own health.
    Our clinical methodology for health care professionals is developed and taught by experienced nurses and physicians. Together we make the patient more confident in analysing her overall well-being and giving her the knowledge to fully comprehend the consequences of her own measuring results.