Our medication dispensers are integrated with Dignio Prevent, and can be used as part of a comprehensive connected care program or independently. They are mobile and support an active everyday life, preventing isolation and health deterioration. 

Pilly SMS

Pilly SMS is an automatic dosette that contains 28 little chambers for medication. It alerts with a sound when it is time to take the medication, and the medication is released by simply turning the device upside down. If the medicine is not collected, notifications are sent via SMS.
Pilly communicates wirelessly with Dignio Prevent through the GSM-network, and individual settings, such as choosing what kind of sound to play or whether to send SMS with other or more reminders, are set through the software. 
Pilly SMS is small and easy to carry anywhere, and it is approved for flights. The discreet design prevents it from appearing stigmatising or revealing. 


This dispenser automatically delivers individualised bags containing a multidose of medication. It alerts with a sound and light when it is programmed for medication time. The medication is released when pressing the“OK”-buttonon top.
By pressing a flashing button, an opened bag of medicine comes out. If the medicine is not collected, this is registered in Dignio Prevent and a notification is sent to the health personnel, relatives or the patient himself via SMS.
Medido has a discreet design and blends easily into any interior. It weighs around two kilograms, can be moved around when needed, also on travel. It is also possible to release the multidose bags in advance when there is a need to bring a dose of medicine out of the home.