Covid-19 Virtual Ward – your solution to support patients in their own homes

COVID-19 has dramatically changed our healthcare landscape, and the NHS recognises this with funding for oximetry at home for the most vulnerable in our society. The Dignio Covid-19 Virtual Ward solution offers an instant means to safely manage and monitor patients with COVID-19 in their own home or residential care. Rapid deployment within 48 hours will allow you to offer oximetry at home and symptom assessment all through remote digital means.

Patients can use their own phone or tablet to download the MyDignio app, and record their symptoms and measure their vital observations using a pulse oximeter. Aligned with NHS guidelines the app instantly informs the patient and the clinical monitoring team of their current clinical status, allowing for further triage as clinically indicated.

Read more about our Covid-19 virtual ward deployment in Dudley CCG

Core features for patients

  • NHS approved advice available in the app
  • Symptoms reported in real time
  • Oximetry at home reported live to clinicians
  • Reminders and notifications via phone or email
  • Secure messaging and video consultations with clinicians
  • Simple and user friendly interface

Core features for clinicians

  • Manage large patient populations effectively and safely
  • Fast configuration of patient set-up with readily available templates
  • Real-time triage aligned to NHS guidelines to highlight patients most in need of care
  • Easy communication with information pages, chat and video
  • Export data and reports

Covid-19 virtual ward in care homes

The Dignio Connected Care suite ideal for Covid-19 monitoring in care homes, supported living and domiciliary settings. Optimal support for both carer and patient is maintained through a combination of questionnaires and integrated clinical monitoring, ensuring vital signs and symptoms of acute deterioration. With our care home app, carers can easily report vital signs and symptoms on behalf of residents.  


Long Covid patients

Dignio has years of experience in supporting patients with Long Term Conditions, including comorbidities. Our solution included multiple Bluetooth integrated devices and is safe, efficient and cost effective in long term care. 


Implementation support

Our solution includes technical support service for clinicians, with full operational support to help with onboarding and deployment. We have access to a range of supporting material, such as pathway specific training guides, fully interactive tutorials for both clinicians and patients, as well as guidance on developing appropriate standard operating procedures based on best practice experience with existing clients.

Clinical Safety is our main focus

Ensuring a safe solution is at the heart of Dignio’s product development. Designed by clinicians, we are CE marked Software as a Medical Device Class 1 and have a well implemented Quality Management System harmonised with ISO 13485, ISO 27001, ISO 14971 and DCB0129. Our suppliers of medical devices are tested thoroughly and compliance with regulations verified. With over 150 active deployments we are a Trusted Supplier for virtual monitoring.   


Compliance with NHS standards ensures high quality service

We have a deep understanding of requirements and compliance standards set out by the NHS. Dignio holds a Cyber Essentials certificate and we are compliant with the Data Security and Protection Toolkit Assessment. As an experienced provider within healthcare we comply with strict GDPR standards and all data is stored in the UK. Applying international standards such as FHIR, our technical solution is designed for interoperability with other systems you might have in place. Dignio can offer their solution via Spark DPS or HSSF on Crown Commercial Services.

“It is recommended that all clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) should put in place a “COVID Oximetry @home” model as rapidly as possible [….] People living in care homes should receive the same standard of care as someone in their own home. This should be facilitated by care home staff and other supporting services.”

NHS 12.11.2020
Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) standard operating procedure

“With technology playing a vital role in our response to this pandemic so far, the MyDignio app will enhance our ability to provide high quality healthcare and reassurance to the people of Dudley. It will also allow healthcare staff to remotely manage the monitoring process of suspected coronavirus patients safely, and without infection risk to themselves.”

Dr Jonathan Darby, GP and IT Lead, Dudley CCG

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