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    The most flexible virtual wards and clinics

    With Dignio’s platform, healthcare providers can build their own virtual wards matching a wide range of patient pathways. Our customers apply the solution for Covid-19 monitoring, care homes support, long term condition management, mental health and much more. The solution is designed to accommodate multidisciplinary teams. We adhere to all NHS standards and can deploy within days.

    Connected Care for Covid-19 treatment at homeConnected Care for Covid-19

Dignio Connected Care

Dignio connects patients and healthcare professionals through a digital platform that disrupts the traditional way of delivering health services and opens up new possibilities for a more sustainable solution.

Our platform for connected care is patient-centric, and we believe this is the key to ensure a valuable, preventative and positive effect. With daily monitoring and continuous communication through our solutions, we enable patients to become more engaged in their own health. 

With our solution we allow patients to make medical measurements at home with the knowledge that healthcare professionals follow up the results and are available for support and care along the way. It provides a safe, flexible everyday life with a higher quality of life.

We offer


Meet the patients where they are. Avoid long and stressful travel. Provide care and motivation when needed.

The platform comes with secure video and chat communication. Our communication solution allows for easy interdisciplinary collaboration.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Stay close on the patient’s health situation by understanding objective measures. Receive live triaging based on individualized risk scoring. Intervene early to avoid hospital admissions.

The platform has a wide range of measurements covering vital signs, blood glucose, weight, spirometry, hemoglobin, sleep, activity level, and NEWS2 score.

Medication Compliance

Medical non-compliance harms the patient’s health and is costly to society. Be sure that your patients take the right medicine at the right time. Receive alerts when medication is missed. Save money by removing costly efforts to ensure compliance.

Dignio offers medication dispensers for both manually loaded and multidose dispensers.


Allow patients to report about symptoms or behaviour. Use standardized forms or customize questions to the individual patients. Receive alerts based on risk score. Use information to intervene based on symptoms or coach lifestyle changes.

Dignio offers a library of clinically validated forms, but also allow institutions to build their own standard forms or customize questions to each patient. Data can be exported for further analysis.


Empower the patient to be more active in the management of their own condition. Through increased understanding and a dynamic treatment plan, patients are changed from passives to active participants. The results are more independent patients and less strain on the healthcare system.   

Dignio offers dynamic treatment plans that can be individualized to the situation of each patient. The plan is always available for the patient on their phone or tablet.

Home Lab

Let the patient take different blood tests at home. Along with symptom reporting and other medical measurements, blood tests can give a good picture of the condition. The values are visible on MyDignio and Dignio Prevent and provide good information and self-information in decision-making for health personnel.

A wide range of equipments for tests are integrated with the software, for example tests like white blood cells (WBC – diff), C-Reactive Protein (CRP), GFR-Renal filtration rate, long time blood glucose (HbA1c).

The platform

The core of our solution consists of three equal elements: our web-based software developed for healthcare professionals, our user-friendly patient app and our methodology for remote care – all developed in close collaboration with patients and healthcare professionals. The patient is independent, but never alone, and can easily seek advice and encouragement from health professionals through our platform.

Dignio Prevent

Our software for health care professionals is developed in collaboration with clinicians. The software integrates a wide variety of devices that supports home-based care and treatment, such as medical measurements, questionnaires, medication and rehabilitation.

With a comprehensive functionality, health care practitioners are given an innovative tool to follow up a larger number of patients who self-monitor their own health condition. The software also offers systems for device management, logistics, reporting, etc.

The software has standardised APIs making it possible to integrate with other systems and devices. All communication through the software is encrypted and in compliance with current legislation.


The user-friendly patient app, MyDignio, is intuitive for all levels of digital maturity. It is used in combination with relevant measuring devices, which automatically transmit the results via Bluetooth to the patient’s tablet or smartphone.

Results are immediately visible to the patient in MyDignio where she can also respond to clinical questions and report on symptoms and side effects. The results are simultaneously transferred to Dignio Prevent so that health personnel can provide individual follow-up.

Through MyDignio patients have access to their own data and a direct line of written communication (encrypted) with healthcare professionals. The system is mobile and cloud-based giving the patients a large degree of independence in their everyday life.


Technology works most efficiently when the user has a clear understanding of all functions and mechanisms. Dignio’s solution is designed to be intuitive; nevertheless thorough training provides a better user experience and sense of security for both health personnel and the patients.

It is our firm belief that simple measuring or standardised questionnaires alone are insufficient in making lifelong changes with the goal of seeing larger preventative effects. The best results are achieved when we involve patients and give them control over and responsibility for their own health.

Our clinical methodology for health care professionals is developed and taught by experienced nurses and physicians. Together we make the patient more confident in analysing her overall well-being and giving her the knowledge to fully comprehend the consequences of her own measuring results.

Measuring devices

Measuring devices are a central part of connected care. Dignio’s platform integrates a set of devices for monitoring patients with such conditions as COPD, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

The patient performs the measuring at home, and the data are automatically recorded and transmitted via Bluetooth to MyDignio on the patient’s tablet. We collaborate with subcontractors that offer devices with the best quality and a high degree of usability.

The scalability of our platform allows us to constantly integrate new and appropriate measuring devices. As of today, we offer apparatus for measuring:

  • Blood pressure
  • Blood sugar levels
  • Weight
  • Temperature
  • Oxygen saturation
  • Lung function and capacity

Digital Medication Dispensers

Our medication dispensers are integrated with Dignio Prevent, and can be used as part of a comprehensive connected care program or independently. They are mobile and support an active everyday life, preventing isolation and health deterioration.

Pilly SMS

Pilly SMS is an automatic dosette that contains 28 little chambers for medication. It alerts with a sound when it is time to take the medication, and the medication is released by simply turning the device upside down. If the medicine is not collected, notifications are sent via SMS.

Pilly communicates wirelessly with Dignio Prevent through the GSM-network, and individual settings, such as choosing what kind of sound to play or whether to send SMS with other or more reminders, are set through the software.

Pilly SMS is small and easy to carry anywhere, and it is approved for flights. The discreet design prevents it from appearing stigmatising or revealing.


This dispenser automatically delivers individualised bags containing a multidose of medication. It alerts with a sound and light when it is programmed for medication time. The medication is released when pressing the “OK”-button on top, and an opened bag of medicine comes out.

If the medicine is not collected, this is registered in Dignio Prevent and a notification is sent to the health personnel, relatives or the patient himself via SMS.

Medido has a discreet design and blends easily into any interior. It weighs around two kilograms, can be moved around when needed, also on travel.

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