Dignio bridges the gap between social care and healthcare by offering a solution where patients can receive follow-up from by healthcare providers from home. Now the UK team also won a Medilink WM Business Award in the category Start-Up. – An important recognition, says Managing Director, Ewa Truchanowicz.

Dignio Ltd is the UK branch of Dignio AS, a SaaS health tech company from Norway. Specializing within remote care, the user-centric connected healthcare platform empowers patients to understand and manage their chronic conditions better and gives reliable tools to the clinicians to remotely monitor their patients leading to a better understanding of signs of impending deterioration.

– To build a sustainable healthcare system we have to work in new ways, and our solution is an important contribution. Our system is all about giving patients better and healthier lives, and at the same time provide healthcare providers a tool for using their resources on those who need it the most, says Truchanowicz.

Suitable for many patient groups

Dignio’s platform is built up of different components that all can be adjusted to the needs of the health care providers and their patients. Dignio offers telemedicine, remote patient monitoring, medicine compliance, home lab, self-reporting and self-managing. The components are integrated with Dignio’s platform for health care personnel and the patient app MyDignio, serving a number of possibilities for connected care. Truchanowicz is noticing an increasing demand in the UK.

– Dignio’s solution bridges the gap between social care and healthcare and with stretched budgets and workforce demands, allows NHS staff to prioritize their attention according to the patient’s needs. We now have active patients on the solution and are getting very positive feedback from both the patients and the healthcare providers.

– An important recognition

 Last week Dignio won a Medilink WM Business Award, in the category Start-Up. Managing Director is very pleased with the recognition.

– Launching a new service and a new way of thinking in a new country is not easy, and we have worked hard to get where we are today. This is an important recognition for us and gives us great motivation going forward. The demand for Connected Care is growing rapidly, and Dignio is well-positioned in the UK with our solution. Hopefully, this will contribute to even more patients getting the opportunity to live better and healthier lives with our health technology, says Truchanowicz.

Dignio’s clients are both hospitals, municipalities and other private health care providers. In addition, they have several research projects in both Norway, China and in Birmingham.